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Quantumtek Business Internet Systems



Backup service for servers, PC's and laptops includes intelligent features that make backup secure and simple. Brisbane Data Centre, Brisbane IT Security.

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Brisbane dedicated servers and online storage provide secure access to your software and data 24/7. Collaborate and share.

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Mobile Business Websites


Your website is your 24/7 online presence. Consumers search more for products & services online than in any other medium. Want to grow your business?

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Quantumtek Business Internet Systems

What we do is simple - we develop Internet systems for business and host them in Brisbane and in Sydney, Australia.

EmailAnywhere - Send and recieve email, anywhere, anytime from any device and always in sync. Includes contacts, calendars. Share and collaborate with colleagues also.

BackupAnywhere - offsite storage, robust, reliable and private backup services for servers, personal computers and laptops. Our service backs up your data to our dedicated and private managed servers located in our Brisbane data centre.

OfficeAnywhere - dedicated, fully managed servers, secure Brisbane data centre that enable you to work from anywhere you have an Internet connection. Take your files and applications with you wherever you are and know that they are secure.  We also host websites and applications on your behalf, with public and permission based access.

Websites - we design and build business grade websites with your market in mind. Our reliable high end cloud hosting ensures maximum speed and availability 24/7 with optimum support.