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Break free from your I.T.

IT Growing Pains?

Quantumtek has
The RIGHT Cloud Platform For Your Business.

  • Run your office from anywhere, 24/7
  • Scale up your business for less IT cost
  • Gilt Edged IT performance & security
  • Fully managed service, no technical competency required
  • No long-term contracts
  • Brisbane's premier data centre facility
  • Wholy owned Brisbane company, Brisbane Staff, Brisbane 24/7 support, Brisbane on-site support to migrate to our private Brisbane Cloud.
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Why move to the Quantumtek cloud?

Each year, more and more Brisbane small business owners are embracing cloud hosting.

The cloud offers the greatest benefits for improved business operations, productivity and most importantly, offers a greater capacity for your business to grow.

However, the selection of a cloud platform and then the move can be daunting. Find out how you can avoid downtime, inconvenience or costly mistakes by moving your business IT needs to Quantumtek's Brisbane cloud.


Not all cloud solutions are equal

There are so many cloud platform options on the market that it can be confusing for the small business operator to know who to trust.

Do you go with the faceless international cloud provider with one-size-fits-all services? Do you choose from a private cloud company, with focused attention on security and your business needs?

Find out why small business operators should look for a managed cloud solution, where you get the hands-on, concierge service that you can trust.


The 5 top reasons why you need our secure, managed cloud hosting IT solution now!

Be Strategic

Leverage technology to do tasks smarter with less room for error

Be Competitive

To help give you IT capacity in a competitive industry


Your IT platform needs to support you BEFORE you can scale


Offload your daily IT issues – to get you back to focusing on business


Protect your data against growing internal and external threats

Why Private Cloud Hosting?

More Brisbane small businesses are finding Quantumtek’s private cloud hosting solution is more like a concierge service than a faceless, no-frills cloud vendor.

You get help from local engineers who get to know you and your business – so they become an extension of your team.

No more onsite IT issues that distract you from your work.

Quantumtek takes care of the of the security, offers 24/7 support, systems management, backup, and deals with any headaches, allowing you to concentrate on your business and customers.

What our customers say

“Having peace of mind knowing our data is backed up in another city but within Australia gives us comfort knowing our data is secure. Having known Peter Kincade for 17 years, we have learned how pedantic he is with security which is the best insurance we have for data security.”

Greg Quince
Pothole People (QLD)

“Before Quantumtek, our reliability of backups was not efficient. We had poor security of office computers and business data and support was non-existent. Now we can email from anywhere, anytime, from any device and have data and apps available on all devices. We have secure backups and reliability….and a more streamlined business. No time wasted now on IT!”

Heather Russo
Marlin Blue Bananas

“We were always dealing with computer problems which was a painful distraction. We needed speed and to eliminate technology that either didn’t deliver at all or only delivered some of what we needed. Quantumtek stood out because of the great service, at any time, and nothing was a problem. You ask. You get. Quantumtek ended up looking after not just our cloud services, but all our office technology because its team always delivers and really cares about our business.

Don Simpson
Earlybird Steel

“We were sold because of the outstanding support offered by Quantumtek and the simplicity of using their Brisbane cloud for business services. It’s hard to beat. We are not tied to the office. When we are away from the office, we use their cloud from our iPads the same as we do from our Windows PC’s at the office.”

Cameron Burke
Burke Constructions

“Quantumtek’s service stands out from all other providers we have used. If there is a problem, they are straight onto it and fix it immediately. We’re able to get in contact and speak to the same person about a problem and not have to go through a whole team to get one solution.”

Cheryl Stainsby
Strategic Solutions (QLD)

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